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Add Some Bling to Your Baby’s Style With These Great DIY Ideas

Bathe the baby, feed the baby…bling the baby?!? You better believe it! It’s only natural that our love for all things shiny and sparkly gets passed down to the next generation. Adding your own custom touches to your baby’s clothing and accessories with rhinestones is a great way to explore your creativity while creating something [...]

9 Popular DIY Rhinestone Fashion Trends to Try Today

9 Popular DIY Rhinestone Fashion Trends to Try Today While the saying may be “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” there should be an asterisk next to it clarifying that “this also includes shiny objects like rhinestones and glitter.” What girl doesn’t get a thrill out of adding a bit of sparkle to her life [...]

Professional Or DIY Swarovski Rhinestone Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces dominate the decor of a reception with fine laces, flowers and floating candles. Limitless creativity from a wedding planner, from a florist, interior decorator, or from the bridal party itself, provides delicately captivating areas of intricate conceptual features inspired by the hearts of the newly married couple. Add the classical appeal of Swarovski [...]

3 Things That Make Swarovski Rhinestones Different

To the trained eye, there’s no mistaking Swarovski crystals or rhinestones for anything else. There may be a truly bewildering array of colors and materials for rhinestones out there, but none of them have the three defining characteristics that set Swarovski rhinestones apart from their competition.

Swarovski Rhinestone Hair Accessories – Hair Combs – Sick Pins – Headbands

Sometimes your look needs a little extra something that you can’t necessarily get from a simple necklace or a pair of earrings, but a bright, sparkling accessory in your hair can be just the perfect touch. Light-catching Swarovski rhinestone hair accessories instantly dress up an everyday outfit, or provide the elegant finish to a bridal [...]

Adding Swarovski Rhinestones To Your Wedding Dress

One of the hottest new trends in wedding gowns, veils, centerpieces and bridal bouquets is adding crystals also known as rhinestones. Are you looking to add a little sparkle to your wedding? Adding rhinestones to a wedding dress and veil is a great way to add a little glamour to your wedding. Just imagine walking [...]

Fun Ways To Bling Out Cars

Drivers with a pulse on style and a thing for bling can create unforgettable, eye-catching rides with a bit of imagination and a lot of shine. Dazzling rhinestone accents created from spectacular Swarovski crystals immediately turn a yawn-worthy vehicle into hot conversation. From bumper-to-bumper, sparkly gems offset smooth car bodies for sleek, streamlined designs that [...]

2013 Emmy Awards – Adding Swarovski Crystal Gowns

The 2013 Emmy Awards didn’t disappoint when it came to fashion. Whether the gowns were designer or vintage, the one thing that made a celebrities’ dress stand out was the intricate crystal detailing or lack of it. Here are some celebrities who stood out in gowns embellished with crystals and a couple of stars who [...]

Jazz up your dog’s look with custom dog bling accessories

Sweeten Your Dog’s Accessories with Bling Who needs those boring old dog accessories? Bland nylon collars, felt dog outfits and plastic buckled harnesses are tired and dull. Jazz up your dog’s look with sparkling rhinestones and fabulous Swarovski crystals from Rhinestoneshop.com. To give Fifi an even classier look, the site also has a beautiful collection [...]

Back to School Bling

With the new school year approaching rapidly, lots of parents are looking for cool fashions that their kids will be excited to wear to school. Back to school bling is one of the hottest trends that lets you add all kinds of rhinestones to whatever you like! Here are a few things you can bling [...]