9 Popular DIY Rhinestone Fashion Trends to Try Today

9 Popular DIY Rhinestone Fashion Trends to Try Today

While the saying may be “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” there should be an asterisk next to it clarifying that “this also includes shiny objects like rhinestones and glitter.”

What girl doesn’t get a thrill out of adding a bit of sparkle to her life with the help of European rhinestones? The extent of what you can do with these jewels is truly limited only by your imagination.

Celebrities have long since embraced their love of rhinestones. From Fergie to Paris Hilton, rhinestones have been front and center on the red carpet for quite some time now. Feel like you are a bit late to the party? Not to fear, this trend is not going anywhere soon!

Break out the hot glue gun and check your latest fashion magazines for inspiration, it’s time to spice up your style with gorgeous, glittery rhinestones. Here are 9 ideas for incorporating rhinestones in to your wardrobe that will glam up your style.


1. SunglassesWomens Rhinestone Glasses

Make your favorite pair of sunglasses your own by adding rhinestones wherever you would like. Now you can really embrace this idea (like Snooki made famous on Jersey Shore) or you can go a bit more refined.

If you are a fan of the retro cat-eye glasses, adding a few rhinestones to the outer rims can really amp up the glam factor. The great thing about rhinestones is that there are so many different shapes and sizes to choose from so you are guaranteed a unique creation every time. Whether you like heart, flower, diamond leaf or marquis shaped rhinestones, you can create many different staple items in your wardrobe, starting with your sunglasses. Many top designers sell their glittery styles for hundreds of dollars but with a little creativity (and a lot of gorgeous rhinestones), you can recreate your own look for less.


2. Your Favorite Sports Team ApparelRhinestone Sports Jerseys and Shirts

There’s no rule that says you can’t be a total sports fanatic AND a girlie girl…thank goodness! Try adding a bit of glitz to your favorite sports apparel or jersey to show your team spirit in a way that’s completely unique to you. Hotfix flatback rhinestones are perfect for this job. They already have the proper amount of adhesive measured out and with the help of the hotfix tool, you can add them anywhere. You can also sew rhinestones on as well. Try placing colorful gems around your favorite team’s logo or make your favorite player’s number entirely out of rhinestones. You can truly get creative here! Unlike the big game, there are no rules that you have to abide by.


3. Wedding Apparel

When it comes to getting crafty, there is no better place to do it than your wedding. You have probably seen many of the adorable bride and bridesmaid fashions out there. These range from comfy sweats for lounging around before the wedding, cute shirts for a night on the town for the Bachelorette party and even loungewear for the honeymoon.

These shirts and sweats (like everything wedding related) are very expensive and might not fit into the budget, but fortunately you can make them yourself and have the freedom to customize your apparel for less. Search Pinterest for inspiration or add rhinestone words or images that are unique to each of your bridesmaids. It’s your day, so make them however you want!


4. ShoesRhinestones For Shoes

Rhinestone shoes are everywhere you look these days. This fashion craze is in full swing and can be as subtle or eye catching as you want. For a more refined look, simply take rhinestones in a solid color and fasten them along the heel of your favorite pumps. For a more rockstar glam feel, mix it up! Make colorful creations with all different size, shape and color crystals on your favorite flats, booties or heels. Studded rhinestones are great accessories to add to your sneakers as well. These DIY shoes are an awesome way to let your inner diva shine without spending the big bucks. People will stop you everywhere to find out where you got those fabulous shoes.


5. Lingerie

Are you swooning over the gorgeous runway lingerie looks? Right now rhinestone bras are all the rage and why shouldn’t they be? Nothing is more sexy and feminine than rocking some crystals under your clothing. Or AS your clothing as Katy Perry has shown us time and again!

You can use sew on rhinestones or hotfix to adhere them to the entire bra cup or just the straps. Gone are the days of bra straps being a faux pas. Now, glitzy glam bra straps peeking out from under a tank top are a fashion statement. If you are into a more subtle look, choose rhinestones that you love and place them around the perimeter of the bra cup to add a bit of unexpected glam.


6. Laptop back and mouse

With a rhinestone laptop you will turn heads while working at the coffee shop or at least have some inspiration to get your overdue paper completed. This is another rhinestone trend that celebrities have embraced. Made popular on the reality TV show Ice Loves Coco, her “Cocosworld” blingy laptop screen back, making your laptop unique to your style is easier than ever. This rhinestone decoration can also extend out to the mouse.


7. Cell Phone CoversCell Phone Covers, Cell Phone Cases, DIY Cell Phone Covers

Along these same lines, adding rhinestones to your phone can give you glam on the go. Cell phone bling is the latest trend that is really easy to replicate.

You can even purchase a rhinestone kit for your phone to make it super easy or you can buy loose rhinestones and do the creation of your choice.


8. HeadbandDIY Rhinestone Headbands, Rhinestone Headbands,

Hair accessories never get old! Adding rhinestones to your headband is a great way to create an eye catching piece that is easy to wear with both casual clothing or all dressed up for a night on the town. Try using thin headbands for small crystals and larger bands to showcase rhinestones of different shapes, colors and sizes. It’s never been so easy to stand out in a crowd!



9. Nail ArtRhinestone Nail Art, Rhinestones Nail Art, Rhinestone Nails Art, Rhinestone Nail Designs, Rhinestone Nail Design

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest, nail art designs have blown up over the past year and more and more nail salons are accommodating this craze. You can bring in your loose rhinestones and have them fixed to your nail for some celebrity style glamour. Most salons encourage this type of creativity so bring in some design photo inspiration and your rhinestones and get ready to take your pedicure to all new heights.

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