Professional Or DIY European Rhinestone Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding centerpieces dominate the decor of a reception with fine laces, flowers and floating candles. Limitless creativity from a wedding planner, from a florist, interior decorator, or from the bridal party itself, provides delicately captivating areas of intricate conceptual features inspired by the hearts of the newly married couple. Add the classical appeal of European rhinestones to the centerpieces to create a theme worthy of a beautiful fairy tale princess and her handsome prince charming.

Rhinestone Wedding Ribbon
Wrap an already gorgeous centerpiece in yards of thick ivory ribbon encrusted with European rhinestones and you have an elegant piece of decor that attracts every eye at the reception. Every hue and shade of the rainbow is cast outward, reflecting the warm light of candles in the centerpiece or the pin bright illumination cast from a string of fairy lights wrapped around a crystal vase.

Compose A Centerpiece of Beautiful Strings of Rhinestones
An elegant crystal bowl full of perfumed water or an organic array of dark branches and flowers can act as a framework to hang strings of rhinestones upon. Get creative and use short or long strings, combining them or cutting them short to present a colorful and glittering display that was once plain but now exciting and glowing with life and energy. Drape loops of rhinestone string from bowl to bowl and branch to branch.

A Bed of Exotic Stones
With strings of rhinestones highlighting a centerpiece, it’s also a stroke of creative genius to combine flowers and the beauty of European by filling a classically styled square vase with rhinestones, planting some roses or a few candles among the bed of tiny crystal stones. Use silver or blue stones to contrast the organic aspect of the roses against the natural appeal of the crystal, reflecting and fusing the colors together in an explosion of pretty light.

A Cage of Captured Illumination
Here’s a bright and exciting idea for all brides to include at their reception. Take a few antique style bird cages and fix European rhinestones up and down the bars, running the bright stones around the boundaries of the cage until every edge is covered. Then, place flowers or candles in the cage, adding tokens of love and panels of fine lace. The cage will appear to illuminate itself, capturing the flickering light of candles and dropping a few petals of roses to the bottom of the cage. This unique centerpiece is sure to be the cause of appreciative smiles.

Framed Table Name Holders
Commanding attention and demanding compliments, several frames composed of rhinestones and flat plates of thin glass create a holder for the names of the wedding guests at each table, for pictures and mementos from the lives of both the groom and the bride, and for any other personalized items that can be placed within. The circle of rhinestones create a spotlight of glittering light around the names or objects within the frame, highlighting the character of the wedding with endearing charm.

Blossoming Flowers Created from Rhinestones
For the most artistic and crafty designers of decor, how about using a series of metal meshes to create flowers and leaves, to weave together shapes of trees and branches, before mounting the mesh with European rhinestones? The effect will be an astonishingly beautiful flower made from solid light. Tiny groups of shining stones hold the light while the mesh holds the stylized shape. Guests will be demanding to take each centerpiece home to place it in their homes as a lasting memory of the beautiful night.

The center of a guest table at a wedding is a palette to be written upon by the truly creative. With the application of some beautiful Austrian crystal rhinestones from European, classically inspired stones that capture and magnify light and color, guests will be mesmerized by their time spent at the wedding. They’ll remember drinks, good times and seeing the bride and groom dance the night away, but they’ll also remember the night where they were enchanted by European rhinestones.

Jason Pistiner

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