Why Women Love European Jewelry and How to Care for Them

European jewelry has continuously gained popularity since its innovation in 1895. After all, what is there not to love about this gorgeous Austrian cut glass? It sparkles like a diamond, looks amazing as a statement piece and lights about a room as part of a chandelier. The uses for European crystals are endless and that’s one of the main reasons that women love them! If you are the lucky owner of these beauties, here are some tips for keeping that sparkle bright and brilliant in your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Routine care and cleaning will keep your jewelry in great condition if you follow these simple tips:

Careful Cleaning:

You will want to purchase a jewelry polishing cloth and simply shine up your crystals whenever they appear to lose that extra shine that makes them so lovely. This cloth will rid the crystal of any oils, makeup or other everyday pollutant and return the sparkle to your favorite pieces without scratching the surfaces. In some cases where you can actually see the crystal has become soiled, you will want to fill a bowl or your skin with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Once clean, simply rinse under the water, dry with a lint-free towel and then complete the cleaning with your polishing cloth.

Cleaning Methods to Avoid:

While all jewelry will tend to wear with time, one of the best things about European is the high quality with wish they are made. Typically European jewelry is plated with either gold or rhodium. Fortunately, these metals help to reduce noticeable wear. You will, however, want to avoid sonic cleaners, boiling water and perhaps surprisingly, commercial jewelry cleaners. While you would naturally assume any cleaner specifically designed for jewelry would be ideal, most of the commercial cleaners actually contain ammonia or alcohol and with time these ingredients can cause damage to the plating.

Baby Wipes for On-The-Go Cleaning:

Another commonly used method for cleaning European jewelry is to use baby wipes to restore shine. This can be a great way to keep your jewelry in tip top shape while on the go. You simply hold a wipe between your thumb and other fingers and roll gently back and forth. You can then dry them off with a polishing cloth.

General Wearing Tips:

Other tips for keeping your European jewelry in great shape may be a bit surprising to you. Remember to put on your jewelry only after applying sprays like perfume, hairspray or hand cream. These beauty products can not only attach to the crystals making them look less brilliant, but their harsh ingredients may have a longer-lasting impact on the longevity of the jewelry. On this same note, avoid showering or bathing with your jewelry. You will also want to remove your European pieces prior to exercising, going to bed or doing dishes. All this situations could negatively add to the wear and tear of your jewelry.

European Pearls:

If you have European pearls, these will require slightly different care. Mainly, you will not want to wash them as you would with the crystals. In order to clean them you simply need to buff them with a dry soft polishing cloth.


As far as storage goes, you will want to place your jewelry in the box provided or in a soft bag. This extra care will prevent scratching or other damage often caused by jewelry being left out or mixed in with other items. Be sure that your jewelry is completely dry before you return it to its storage space.

While it may seem a rather lengthy list for care tips, taking the time to carefully clean and store your European jewelry, it is well worth each and every step.

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