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How to Coordinate Rhinestones for Casual and Dressy Affairs

One of the greatest things about rhinestones is their extreme versatility. They glitter and shine on any surface, can be adhered to any number of clothing pieces and accessories, and best of all, they come cheap. So while rhinestones can represent rich sophistication with one outfit, they can also look equally as youthful and fun […]

Ballroom Dance Jewelry Using European Crystals

European crystals are beautiful beads manufactured in Austria. Available in a wide variety of colors, these delicate crystals can be made into elegant jewelry and accessories that are perfect for any occasion. Jewelry, shoes, fans and other items crafted from these kinds of beads are especially appropriate for the color, brightness and quick flash of […]

2013 Emmy Awards – Adding European Crystal Gowns

The 2013 Emmy Awards didn’t disappoint when it came to fashion. Whether the gowns were designer or vintage, the one thing that made a celebrities’ dress stand out was the intricate crystal detailing or lack of it. Here are some celebrities who stood out in gowns embellished with crystals and a couple of stars who […]

What’s the difference between sew-on and glue-on rhinestones?

If you’re looking to add glamor to your wardrobe, your cellphone, your tablet or laptop, or just about anything, nothing grabs attention like rhinestones! They’ve added glitz to everything from 1930’s movie-queen gowns to modern movie costume designs to interior decoration. Even villains love the shiny stuff: the costume for Loki in the Thor movie […]

Back to School Bling

With the new school year approaching rapidly, lots of parents are looking for cool fashions that their kids will be excited to wear to school. Back to school bling is one of the hottest trends that lets you add all kinds of rhinestones to whatever you like! Here are a few things you can bling […]

Bling Out Your Tailgate Gear

Honoring one’s favorite football team with a raucous tailgate party is an honored and venerated rite of the fall season. These days a football fan doesn’t even need a vehicle with a tailgate to come and join the party outside a stadium or arena. An awesome part of the tailgating experience is wearing as much […]

How to Care for Rhinestones on Your Clothing

Rhinestones add a nice touch to clothing. They make the clothes look elegant and sophisticated. Rhinestones are widely used to add sparkle to dance, figure skating and theatre costumes. However, in addition to being used in costumes, rhinestones can also find their way onto t-shirts, purses, accessories, dresses, skirts, jeans and sneakers. But, have you […]