How to Care for Rhinestones on Your Clothing

Rhinestones add a nice touch to clothing. They make the clothes look elegant and sophisticated. Rhinestones are widely used to add sparkle to dance, figure skating and theatre costumes. However, in addition to being used in costumes, rhinestones can also find their way onto t-shirts, purses, accessories, dresses, skirts, jeans and sneakers. But, have you ever wondered how to properly care for clothes with rhinestones? If so, this article will solve any confusion you may have about caring for clothes that have rhinestones.

As you probably assumed, you can’t just dump clothes with rhinestones into the washing machine and expect them to come out looking exactly the same. Nonetheless, caring for clothes with rhinestones isn’t as difficult as you probably think it is. There are a few things you need to consider. First off, don’t toss clothes with rhinestones into a hot, steamy washer. The heat will cause the rhinestones to fall out, which can lead to an unpleasant afternoon of gluing them back to the clothes. Logically, the same rule applies to popping clothes in the dryer.

Instead of tossing your clothes with rhinestones in a hot washer, which will lead to a disaster, use cold water in the washing machine. Cold water is a lot gentler than hot water, which means it will spare the rhinestones from becoming unglued. The secret to preserving the rhinestones on clothes during cleaning is this: Just turn the top inside out and wash it with cool water. Also, you need to ensure that the washing machine is set to a gentle cycle.

Do not place clothes with rhinestones in a dryer because it will cause the rhinestones to fall out. Instead, you can air-dry the clothes on a clothes wire outside. If you don’t have a clothes wire, just let the shirt dry on a chair. If you must use a dryer, make sure it is set to the coolest temperature; the less heat the better.

Ironing isn’t off limits, but you can only do it if the shirt is turned inside-out. If you iron the rhinestones, they can become damaged. Also, you should set the iron to the lowest heat setting to avoid any problems with the rhinestones.

Sooner or later, a rhinestone will fall out of its place. When that occurs, don’t worry about it; just use fabric glue and stick it back on.

These tips are extremely helpful for caring for clothes with rhinestones.

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