Bling Out Your Tailgate Gear

Honoring one’s favorite football team with a raucous tailgate party is an honored and venerated rite of the fall season. These days a football fan doesn’t even need a vehicle with a tailgate to come and join the party outside a stadium or arena. An awesome part of the tailgating experience is wearing as much sparkly and outrageous gear as possible to tell everyone which team has the best fans.

Fancy team bling these days goes way beyond a crystal covered cap or a rhinestone covered sweatshirt. Now the cook at the grill can wear an apron with the team’s name covered in glittering rhinestones, or the kids can run around with shoes completely covered in shiny crystals. The items that a sports fan can bring to a tailgate party are restricted only by creativity and imagination.

After covering clothing with bling, it’s fun to see what boring items might look incredibly cool with something shiny on them. For parents who want to bring their babies to the game, getting a blinged-out pacifier in team colors is a fun way for the little ones to show their love of the game. A personally designed pacifier even makes it easy to keep track of it, so it’s not lost during the party.

Tiny shoes for children covered in bling are incredibly fun for kids to wear and can be designed to match the sneakers or flip flops worn by parents. Small hats for kids and baby clothes covered in bling also help make sure that everyone who comes to the tailgate party is going to have a great time. Mom’s mini skirt with a blinged-out team logo would look excellent next to baby’s blinged-out onesie.

For the younger crowd who hasn’t yet brought new football fans into the world, one of the best items for bling is a soda (or beer) helmet. These plastic caps with cans affixed to the sides and a giant straw coming out of the top look awesome when they’re covered in crystals or rhinestones. The only thing more fun than wearing a soda guzzler is wearing one that’s covered in bling.

Items that aren’t immediately obvious for bling include the fold-out chairs and lawn chairs that can have a blinged-out logo placed on the back, along with any lanterns used to light the darkness when winter arrives, and the days get shorter. Another fun spot for bling is the cooler, which might already have a team logo on it and would be a perfect spot for a ton of rhinestones or shiny crystals.

For true fans of the game who want to show their team love all year long, it’s fun to make a blinged-out team emblem or name that can be placed on the side of the truck or even on the tailgate, which would clearly be the most appropriate spot! Instead of driving around with a boring bumper sticker with the team’s logo on it, a shiny blinged-out emblem is much more fun.

Bringing the bling to a tailgate party is a terrific way to show team spirit and get everyone excited about the game and being a dedicated fan. There’s no reason the bling needs to stop with hats and t-shirts. Just about anything a fan can bring to a party can be covered with shiny bling.

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