Ballroom Dance Jewelry Using Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are beautiful beads manufactured in Austria. Available in a wide variety of colors, these delicate crystals can be made into elegant jewelry and accessories that are perfect for any occasion. Jewelry, shoes, fans and other items crafted from these kinds of beads are especially appropriate for the color, brightness and quick flash of movement that is required of a ballroom dance costume. Whether you’re performing a fast quickstep or slow and languid waltz, a piece of jewelry or a hair ornament created from such crystals can help make any performance even better than ever.

Ballroom dance jewelry can purchased or made at home. If you want a handcrafted look with very individualized flair that helps express your personal style, consider making your own specialty piece of jewelry. Jewelry made from Swarovski crystals is a perfect match for the ballroom floor. The crystals are light so they do not add much bulk to your costume. They also tremble as you move, emphasizing your movements as you dance. Even a plain costume can be helped with the use of a subtle touch of sparkle in just the right places. This kind of jewelry is also an excellent present from someone who does not dance but has a friend or relative who does.

Making a piece of ballroom jewelry from Swarovski crystals is a fairly simple procedure that does not require a lot of preparation or advanced planning. All you need are the Swarovski crystals, a design and wire. Many crystals are durable and not overly expensive so even a ballroom dancer on a budget can afford to purchase as many as necessary for a simple design. Start by thinking about the type of design you want to use. The first element is color. Swarovski crystals come in every color ever imagined. The color you use should compliment your ballroom outfit. You can buy the crystals you need in a hobby shop or online. Buying Swarovski crystals online often allows the buyer to get a discount and purchase them at wholesale prices.

All types of ballroom dance jewelry can made from Swarovski crystals. A classic hairpiece that nestles gently in your curls as you sway during a Viennese waltz can add just the right regal touch. A chocker that brings attention to your neck or a bracelet that helps point out your perfect frame technique are great ways to call attention to your dance skills. Swarovski crystal ballroom jewelry can also be made into unusual pieces. Consider an anklet in a eye-catching color or a large shoe bow. Each item will help you better tell a story through your dance movements.

A good design for a Swarovski crystal ballroom piece of jewelry will take advantage of the fact that the crystals can catch the light easily. Allow room for the crystals to dangle across your neck or arms as you cha-cha across the floor. Consider placing multiple crystals in bunches to emphasize movement. A single color can create a long sense of line for the judges. If you use several beads in extremely contrasting colors, such as red and blue, you can create a highly dramatic look. The design should also be placed so that it does not catch on the fabric of your costume or your partner’s costume.

Once you have chosen the colors and the design you can begin making it. A simple bendable wire is sufficient for most designs. Handle the crystals carefully to make sure they don’t get lost. Then make your design with your wire. Wrap the ends carefully and you have the perfect accessory.

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