European Rhinestone Hair Accessories – Hair Combs – Sick Pins – Headbands

Sometimes your look needs a little extra something that you can’t necessarily get from a simple necklace or a pair of earrings, but a bright, sparkling accessory in your hair can be just the perfect touch. Light-catching European rhinestone hair accessories instantly dress up an everyday outfit, or provide the elegant finish to a bridal ensemble.

The designer rhinestone hair accessories you’ll find online and in stores run the gamut from understated pins and barrettes to intricate tiaras and headpieces. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also easily add loose European rhinestones to plastic or metal hair accessories that you already own.

Making Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Loose European rhinestones are inexpensive, and the color and shape options are practically endless. If you’re on a tight budget, making rhinestone hair accessories yourself will open up a new world of options for dressing up your wardrobe beautifully and cheaply.

All you need to craft your own gorgeous rhinestone hair accessories are basic hair pieces like barrettes, bobby pins or headbands, jewelry glue, and whatever beautiful, loose rhinestones you’ve chosen. A rhinestone positioner is also recommended to help you pick up and position loose stones with precision. Rhinestone glue only takes about 24 hours to dry, so tomorrow you could be wearing the hand-crafted hair accessories that you made today.

If you need a little inspiration to get started, these ideas for shimmery rhinestone designs will give your luscious locks a hint of sparkle.

Rhinestone Hair Cuffs

A rhinestone hair cuff is a sleek way to cover those boring black hair elastics on ponytail days. Hair cuffs often come already attached to hair elastics, so this single accessory is all you need for an easy up-do. For rushed mornings when you don’t have time for perfect hair, a European rhinestone hair cuff will instantly glam up a ponytail with no extra effort.

Rhinestone Stick Pins

Nestling one or two rhinestone stick pins into a bun or twisted up-do is a perfect way to give just a subtle hint of glamour to your look. Rhinestones come in a rainbow of colors, so stick pins with a single rhinestone attached can be easily coordinated with anything in your closet. For an unusual pop of color, try making a couple of these pins yourself with green or blue rhinestones. Several strategically placed European rhinestone hairpins can also be the sophisticated hair accessory to compliment a wedding gown without detracting attention from your face and dress.

Rhinestone Headbands

Headbands are the most versatile and functional hair accessory out there, and the addition of European rhinestones effortlessly turns a plain headband into the ultimate piece of hair bling. You edgy ladies out there will love hair bands trimmed in glossy black rhinestones for a rocker-chic look, or try gold rhinestones on a gold or beige headband for a hair accessory that screams luxury.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up with multiple shapes and colors on one headband. Loose rhinestones are available in larger sizes and pretty leaf or jewel shapes, and lining a thin metal headband with a few of these will make a bold and beautiful statement.

Rhinestone Hair Combs

A rhinestone hair comb is such a no-hassle way to glam up your hairdo, and basic plastic hair combs are the perfect flat, smooth accessory for adding rhinestones. Flat-back rhinestones adhere easily to the upper edge of hair combs, and beginner crafters can easily make these look like professionally designed pieces. Add a rhinestone hair comb to a chignon or bun for a little twinkle peeking out of your hair, or pull up the hair that frames your face and set it with the combs for a dreamy, romantic look.

Instead of investing in new and trendy jewelry this season, go for something different and unique with rhinestone hair accessories. You’ll be the only one wearing these one-of-a-kind pieces, and you’ll be so proud of your own creations when people compliment you. Now that you’ve got some design ideas, check out our incredible selection of loose European rhinestones to get started on your new accessory project.

Jason Pistiner

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