Using European Rhinestones For Face Makeup

It is known that eyes are the windows to the soul. Take a nod from current fashion shows and display your glittery soul! The most current makeup look is mod turned brilliance with eyeliner and countless rhinestones. Rhinestones are popping up everywhere; not just for cosmetics, but for Latin clothes, ballroom dance outfits, freestyle dance regalia, shoes, and upscale wardrobes. It is only natural that lining your eyes with rhinestones is next.

Below are fast and easy instructions on how to apply rhinestone makeup:
First, wash and dry the regions of skin where you wish to apply the rhinestones. Use appropriate skin glue. Do not use standard superglue because you can harm your skin. Use the face glue pointer to spot on the glue to the regions of the skin where you want the rhinestones to be. If your face glue does not have a wand, you can use a cotton swab. Softly pick up your rhinestones individually with either your fingers or tweezers. Push the rhinestones onto the pasted region. Clasp the rhinestone in position for a few seconds to confirm it has been stuck down onto the skin. Duplicate the steps until you have all the rhinestones you want applied!

Tips for Applying European Rhinestones on Lips:
Use littler sized rhinestones. A suitable size is SS12. Do not glue rhinestones too near to the crook of the mouth, because if you grin, the crook of your mouth will cause them to pop off. Attach rhinestones first and your lipstick or lip gloss near the rhinestones after. Do not swallow too much of the glue because it can cause a stomachache. When your lips are coated with rhinestones, sip through a straw.

Tips for Applying European Rhinestones on Eyes:
Use SS12 size rhinestones for subtle looks, or SS20 size rhinestones for daring appearances. Attempt to apply most of the stones prior to applying your eye makeup. They can be put on top of eyeshadow, but remain longer on direct skin. Use a pair of thick, false eyelashes to perfect the look!

Tips for Varieties with European Rhinestones:
If you do not want too much shimmer, soften it. Using merely three SS12 rhinestones down your lower lip, or lining the outer curves of your eyes, will afford you with a celestial luminous, yet subtle look.

Below is a simple eye makeup look to do using European rhinestones.
1. Smear a primer or eyeshadow base all over your lid and up onto the brow bone. This will balance out the shade of your eyelids.
2. Smear a concealer under your eyebrow.
3. On the fold, put on a matte light brown hue using a big shading brush.
4. Put on a matte navy cobalt shade on top of the lid using a crease brush.
5. Highlight under the brow bone with a soft taupe color.
6. If needed, fill in your eyebrows with a matte eyeshadow that is a shade or two lighter than your hair color.
7. Outline your lower lash line and waterline with a deep azure shade.
8. Dot your upper lash line with European rhinestones using skin glue, such as a false eyelash adhesive.
9. To deepen the eyeliner, use a glittering platinum color to fill the spaces between the rhinestones.
10. Add mascara to eyelash. To dramatize the effect even more, apply false eyelashes.
There are several different shapes and colors of European rhinestones to suit any makeup look that you wish to perfect. Experiment with the rhinestones to create unique looks that fit your unique style. You can match them to your makeup, your outfit, or both!

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