Unique Bridesmaids Gift Ideas Using Rhinestones

As all of the final presentations for your wedding are being made, it is now time to think of the perfect gift to present to every one of your beloved bridesmaids. While numerous options exist on the market, none beam quite as bright as European crystal gifts. Created from a revolutionary way of cutting ordinary glass, these European crystal gifts are affordable, chic options that combine timeless fashion with effortless function.

European Rhinestone Keepsake Boxes

Available in a wide range of both clear and colorful styles, European rhinestone keepsake boxes allow the recipient to temporarily or permanently store her favorite jewelry or small, treasured mementos. Purchase all of one style for each one of your bridesmaids, if desired. Alternately, select a different, personalized keepsake box for each bridesmaid that best reflects her personal tastes. Add an additional bridesmaid present inside of the box, if desired, to elevate the presentation and sentimental value of each gift.

European Rhinestone Compact Mirror

Every woman loves a beautiful mirror to take with her to special events to ensure that she remains looking and feeling her personal best. European rhinestone compact mirrors come in a vast assortment of jewel-tone styles, colors and shapes. They also come in light-up styles that help your bridesmaids apply makeup under varying lights. Purchase all of one style if all of your bridesmaids have similar tastes. Or, select a personalized European rhinestone compact mirror for each of your bridesmaids to make the gift better match each woman’s individual tastes.

European Rhinestone Jewelry Box

Constructed to hold delicate, priceless rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, European rhinestone jewelry boxes come in a surprising array of styles. Some are simple, square-shaped boxes adorned with bedazzling crystal patterns. Others feature animal, floral or bird shapes that cleverly conceal the treasures hidden within the box. Give all of your bridesmaids the same jewelry box if you find one that ties into the theme of your wedding. Alternately, select a different European rhinestone jewelry box for each of your bridesmaids that represents her personal tastes or a personal connection that you share with her, like a mutual love of owls, swans or hummingbirds.

European Rhinestone Jewelry

The wide range of affordable price of European rhinestone jewelry makes this option a win-win for you and each of your bridesmaid recipients. Like some brides, you might choose to purchase the jewelry your bridesmaids will wear during your wedding and reception. This option allows you to better control the appearance of your bridesmaids at the wedding, and in the pictures that will mark the once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Make your wedding a little different by purchasing similar, yet unique, variations of the same jewelry style to let each of your bridesmaid’s personalities shine through during your wedding.

European Rhinestone Picture Frame

European rhinestone picture frames also come in an abundant array of colors, styles and sizes. Choose one style that corresponds with your wedding theme to give to all of your bridesmaids. If you cannot find one appropriate style, select individual European rhinestone picture frames that best support each bridesmaid’s individual home decor style. Place a photo of yourself and the bridesmaid into the frame before giving it to add another personalized, memorable element to the gift.

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