European Masks in Fashion

Did you think European crystal rhinestones are just for making a plain t-shirt fabulous? True, they can make an old phone look chic, but top designers are using European crystal rhinestones to create some serious drama. You’ve seen how the precise angle of the crystals catches the light and bounces off in prismatic rays. Imagine, now, a whole mask crafted of European crystal rhinestones.

Artistic director Riccardo Tisci and master makeup artist Pat McGrath teamed up to make just such imaginings come true. Six models walking the catwalk for Givenchy’s Spring 2014 line at the Paris Fashion Week wore stunning, bejeweled masks. Actually, the masks were a bit of tromp l’oeil, a mirage of thousands of European crystals. A team of 40 people spent 12 hours bedecking the models in shimmering jewels, applying the crystal rhinestones by hand directly to the skin.

The masks were a culture-blend of African and Asian themes, which also served as the foundation for Givenchy’s Spring 2014 line. Each model’s mask was designed and sculpted to her face. European crystal rhinestones gleamed in royal purple, peacock teal, lavender, violet, midnight blue and an orange-red that looked like it was on fire. The makeup artists rimmed the models’ lips in European crystal rhinestones. Their lips puckered in a moue typical of traditional Japanese theater. African touches came from the large European crystals nestled in the models’ ears.

Never fear, not even the flamboyant artistic director Riccardo Tisci imagines any woman is going to spend hours covering her face in crystal rhinestones. However, imagine the drama of just a few European crystal rhinestones highlighting you cheekbones for a glam night out. Place a crystal at the corner of your eye, complementing the color. Or even highlight your décolletage with a spattering of well-placed crystals. Use a little spirit gum, and the drama lasts all night.

Designers at Paris Fashion Week offered more traditional uses for European crystal rhinestones as well. Crystal rhinestones do bring the shine. Shimmering crystals highlighted necklines. They made plain razorback tanks look like evening wear. Graceful arms popped with a ring of crystals in a bracelet. Givenchy even added them to the heels of sandals.

European crystal rhinestones have a history grander than your average bling. Their heritage dates back to 19th-century Austria. Bohemian visionary Daniel European invented a machine for cutting and polishing crystal jewelry stones. More than a hundred years later the family-owned company is still making precision-cut crystal rhinestones that any fashion designer is proud to use.

Join the fashion revolution. Take a page from top designers’ books and use European crystal rhinestones to glitz up your look. Make a draping neckline glimmer. Add shine to that old tank top. Heck, channel Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and make over your favorite shoes in red glamour. European crystal rhinestones add a little Paris Fashion Week allure to your daily life. Pick yours out today at the Rhinestone Shop, the best selection of crystals you can find off the Givenchy runway.

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