Spread the Cheer by Going Glam

Accessorizing a holiday outfit in just the right way requires creativity and just the right materials for the job. Achieving a stunning look means putting together an outfit that is completely unique in what it offers from the top down to the bottom. Anyone who needs to make a lasting impression at any holiday event this coming season should turn their eyes towards jewels and baubles that are made for holiday accessorizing. Festive clothing can already be fairly eye-catching due to their bright colors and inherent flair. However, take your garments to the next level by adding just the right amount of glam. The following fun and simple projects can be completed using the most basic supplies that you have.

Start Up Top

Headbands and hair clips are the perfect subtle touch that can bring virtually any outfit to life. You can begin by purchasing a basic headband. It is wise to choose one that is fairly wide so that you have space to work with when it comes to adding your materials of choice. For an instant transformation, you can go as simple as applying stones using a hot-glue gun. For the more experienced artisan, consider experimenting with wrapping different ribbons around the existing piece before adding any beads or jewelry. You can mix and match colors, or place multiple jewels over flat ribbon colors to create your own engaging pattern. If a headband feels like a little too much for the outfit in hand, then downsize to alligator clips. The results can be just as fantastic, although, ribbons may need to be downgraded to string in order to match the clip size.

Corsages and Beyond

This addition can be made completely from scratch. Begin with tulle or sheer fabric that you will fold into fourths. Along the edge of the fold, cut out a half flower. Repeat the process several more times until you have at stack of at least six pieces that can be placed together. At the center of the flowered bundle, run a needle and thread through in order to bind the materials together. You can create the solid backing by gluing the piece onto a button. It can also be attached with thread or combined with a pearl and thread. The entire creation should then be secured to a safety pin for easy wear. This one of a kind creation is ideal for holiday dresses or blazers for the men in your life.

A Sash with Character

Sashes that are custom made can easily be created with just a few simple materials. You can start by purchasing some basic fabrics that already feature patterns to which you are drawn. However, if you are feeling especially creative, then you can start with raw fabrics and color them yourself using India inks. Although, you must be careful with this ink. It is great for mixing colors and doing some experimenting, but it is also extremely permanent. Once the color is there, it will stay there. With the right shape and color fabric in hand, you can put the creative cream on top that will make it a fashion accessory like no other. Add rhinestones using applique or hot glue. You can also go above and beyond the call of duty by incorporating ribbons as well. These can be attached using thread or more applique in just the right places. This garment is great for the waist of a dress or to put your hair up for the next big holiday event.

With just a few easy projects such as these, you can put the glam back in the holidays. Additionally, as you build your fashion-making skills, you can add some sparkle to any number of outfits that take you throughout your day all year long.

Jason Pistiner

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