Rhinestone Ornaments and Holiday Decor

Rhinestones are delightful objects that are made from glass, acrylic or rock crystal. They are not actually real diamonds, but they really do shine! They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Most rhinestones are designed with a flat back. This makes them easy to glue to almost anything and everything! Some rhinestones are even peel and stick. Choosing to make a rhinestone craft is a perfect choice during the holiday season. Rhinestone ornaments compliment any string of lights. Rhinestone candle holders look gorgeous as a centerpiece. Kids of all ages will love rhinestone covered Christmas stockings.

There are many different ways to make rhinestone ornaments. Remember the old dingy looking ornaments at the bottom of the Christmas storage tote? Spruce them up with rhinestones! The Styrofoam balls that are available at most craft and department stores have many more uses than just planet Mars on a solar system mobile! Buy some and decorate them with rhinestones. Some stores also sell hooks to insert into a handmade ornament. If you are unable to find them, a regular hook will work just fine. If your ornament is extra heavy, put a dab of glue on the end of the hook before inserting into the foam ball. There are many other objects that can be used as a base for a rhinestone decorated ornament. If you can put a hook in it, you can certainly decorate it with rhinestones and hang it on your tree! Rhinestone ornaments really reflect colorful tree lights and they look amazing!

Candle holders covered with rhinestones make a wonderful conversation piece. Your one-of-a-kind centerpiece will spotlight all of those great desserts that will be surrounding it. Same concept applies when choosing a candle holder or something that resembles a candle holder that you can decorate. Refurbish the old Christmas candle holder that you are about to throw out. Decorate an old glass. If you want a particular size, you can find all shapes and sizes of glass candle holders in most store craft sections. Do not choose paper or cardboard. Using paper and cardboard is a bad idea for obvious reasons, unless you choose to use battery-operated tea lights. For a unique look, buy colored sand and a clear glass cylinder-shaped candle holder. While decorating with rhinestones, leave gaps in some areas so the sand will show through. For easy access to the candle, you will want the depth of the sand to be deep.

Kids are so creative! Give them a blank stocking, some glue and a bag of rhinestones. Watch their magical minds at work! Depending on the child’s age, I would make sure the rhinestones and glue are kept out of reach after this project. If not, you may find a rhinestone cat, a rhinestone dog and anything else your child thinks should shine!

Jason Pistiner

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