Our Creative Crush: Nunn Design

It’s no secret we are in love with all that sparkles and shines and when we find others who share our passion, we can’t help but get excited! Nunn Design is one such company and we absolutely love their buy & try model of selling DIY projects with pizazz. You can browse their styles, purchase the materials used in the project and download the free PDF to learn to recreate the design yourself – what a great idea! Buying finished pieces is fun, but creating your own is even more satisfying!

The DIY tutorials at Nunn Design fill us with inspiration and ideas. Here are a few of our absolute favorite design ideas.

The Customized Fashion Cuff

Cuffs are one jewelry type that simply never fades out of style. Whether you prefer the soft feel of a leather cuff or like the classic bold metal cuff, there are plenty of ways to ramp up your style and make the design completely your own. Nunn Design offers great options for recreating their own-of-a-kind looks and you can switch up some of the materials in order to customize it further.

The Ashtoreth design featured on their site uses a really unique bee and leaf brass design combo. Creativity is king when you customize your cuff. The main thing is to make it look like you! All your interests and designs can be found in the vast collection of small brass stamps or you can jazz it up a bit with rhinestones (you know we can never resist that chance to shine!).

If you are a fan of the metal cuff, this can be a great opportunity to use rhinestones and other glue-on décor. Try making a pattern (like animal print) out of loose rhinestones or create a more simplistic and elegant design with a few accent Swarovski crystals. Simply arrange the design you would like on the table in front of you and begin gluing each crystal, holding it for 3 to 4 seconds to make sure the glue is firmly attached.

The Cocktail Ring

Nothing says sass and class like the cocktail ring. These statement pieces are great for everyday wear but can also make you stand out during a night on the town. We love the Fellix ring by Nunn Design. This “ornate ring with bling” in classic black and white is so visually appealing we can’t even handle it! You can recreate this look with a plain adjustable ring and the décor that speaks to you. This DIY project is perfect for gifts for friends and family… and for you as well!

Custom Pendants

Every woman needs a statement piece and these keepsake pendants fit the bill perfectly. Not only are these eye-catching designs fun to wear, but they are fun to make as well. Nunn Design has created a download that illustrates how to make your very own resin pendant. You can choose an image of the appropriate size for the pendant (or purchase pre-cut designs from the website) and then follow the tutorial to make this a great piece of jewelry. Adding rhinestone touches around the border, bottom or top is another way to add to this eye catching pendant.

Beaded Bracelets

The LJSSEL Nunn Design bracelet is a must for those who love custom creations that are out of the box. In this particular piece, the designer uses faux pearl headpins and ostrich shall beads to create a dynamic, one-of-a-kind piece. Complete with a downloadable PDF DIY manual, you can replicate this same look or add different beads that fit your style even more seamlessly.

Where to Buy

If you are as in love with this concept as we are, you are likely shouting at your computer “show me where I can buy these!” It’s easy! Choose your design online or browse the selection of retail locations.

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