How to Add Sparkle to Your Scrapbook

As we say goodbye to 2014 and ring in the New Year we have yet another 12 months of memories to document. If you are an avid scrapbooker, this is music to your ears! If you are just starting to get crafty with different scrapbooking ideas, we have some suggestions for you. First off, we are of course a bit gaga for anything that sparkles and shines so we think blinging out your scrapbook is a marvelous idea! It’s also a great activity for those chilly winter days. Grab some hot chocolate and your scrapbooking supplies, if you are looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

Try these five sparkly scrapbook ideas and you just won’t be able to stop.

1. Create a Rhinestone Cover

We all want to make a great first impression right? The same can be said for our scrapbooks. Whether you are documenting family history, childhood accomplishments or simply a year or fun and friends, you are going to want a great looking cover. After all, let’s face it…many people DO judge a book by its cover. That being said, the best thing about scrapbooking is the chance to create something that is uniquely your own. There is no right or wrong way to bling! We suggest checking out the many different, colors, shapes and sizes of the popular self-adhesive rhinestones. Simply select the ones that catch your eye and make a statement about you and get to work! If you need more creative inspiration, Pinterest has a wide variety of scrapbooking images that may jog your inner artist.

2. Place Rhinestones Around Photo Borders

If you think regular scrapbook borders are a bit played out, put your own spin on them! This is one of the easiest ways to add instant sparkle to your scrapbook. Try placing a gem on each corner or get even more glam results by lining the entire border. It’s up to you! If you are putting together a scrapbook that includes say your high school graduation photos, for example, why not place self-adhesive rhinestones in your school’s colors all around your photos? For that matter you could also create an image of your school’s mascot out of sparkle as well. Remember days that stood out in your mind as special occasions and dress them up with bling.

3. Create Symbols, Pictures or Designs

While the ideas we have discussed so far are awfully fun, if you feel like breaking out and being a bit more creative in your scrapbooking endeavors then try creating symbols, pictures or designs to accompany your photos and mementos. If you are afraid to try your artistic hand, you will find many different designs that you can download online. With these templates you can then trace and outline the images you will be creating out of rhinestones and achieve a stress-free and gorgeous look on any page. Did you know that you can turn your traditional colored silver rhinestones in to any color you want? Try using Sharpie markers to add different colors to your design. Simply use the marker to paint over the gem, let it dry and know you have a whole new look.

4. Add Bling to Photos

Now that we have looked at outlining photos, creating designs and decorating covers, the next option is to add accent bling. This can be really fun when you are including photos from an event or party. You can add bowties, necklaces, party hats…nearly anything you can imagine, right to the photo. Add props and make anything a festive affair. Your friends and family will love looking through the pages and seeing these enhanced versions of themselves.

5. Use Rhinestone Lettering

Rather than sticking with the traditional scrapbook lettering, breakout and create your very own. Use as few or as many rhinestones as you would like to create headings, thought bubbles, tags or anything you can think of. To make this easier, first trace or sketch the words you would like to use and then the rhinestones to fill in the words. This adds an unexpected bit of sparkle. Save this for pages that don’t have a lot of color or design and create an instant face lift.

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