Halloween Bling

Rhinestones give people many creative options when it comes to sprucing up their houses for Halloween. Even people who usually have minimalist tastes when it comes to home decor should find it easy to add touches of sparkle to their Halloween decorations. Halloween is one of the few times of year during which one does not have to be perfectly tasteful. In fact, it is in the spirit of the holiday to design an over-the-top decorating motif.

Decorating for Halloween is fun because one does not need to stick to a specific theme. Anything that is dark, spooky or wild is appropriate. Rhinestones give people more options when it comes to creating contrast or drawing images on black backgrounds. Instead of using chalk or white paint to outline images on black paper, one could lightly sketch the pictures and then affix clear rhinestones over the markings. Any picture that includes a background of the night sky could be made more dramatic if rhinestones are used to signify stars. Someone with artistic sensibilities could alternate between drawing stars and using rhinestones. Integrating that kind of variation into an image adds texture and makes it more interesting. Instead of being another nighttime scene with a dark sky and sparkly stars, the decoration is elevated to a higher level of art.

Rhinestones make simple drawings look more complex. For example, it is fairly easy to draw a simple outline of a black cat, a bat or a pumpkin. Someone who does not possess advanced drawing abilities could turn these basic shapes into deliberately austere art with tasteful applications of rhinestones. Sparkle also makes up for a lack of overall color. Some people do not like bringing clashing colors into their living rooms, even in the form of holiday decorations. Orange is not an easy color to match to furniture and whatever decorations might already be in place. Clear rhinestones make a room look like it has been spruced up for a special occasion, but other decorations would have to be added to make guests feel like the sparkles are special for Halloween. Using colored rhinestones is a good compromise. Spider webs in a rainbow of colors would add to a celebratory mood without being spooky.

Instead of carving pumpkins and leaving them outside where no one would be able to see them, the pumpkins could be painted and covered with rhinestones. This would be a great way to bring some festive, autumnal touches into one’s house. Many people get so caught up in decorating the outsides of their homes for trick-or-treaters that they fail to devote any energy to their living rooms and hallways. They decorate for other people, not for themselves. There is no reason why small pumpkins and gourds cannot be used as indoor decorations. As long as they are placed in areas where they are unlikely to be stepped on or broken, they can be kept inside for several weeks. Regular craft glue will keep rhinestones attached to the surface of a dry pumpkin, especially if it has been painted first.

Rhinestones make elaborate decorations even fancier. They turn complicated skeleton figures into oddly classy art pieces. A fake spider web becomes eerie when rhinestones of any color are placed throughout it at different depths. If one is making use of Christmas lights, items with rhinestones on them should be arranged so that they reflect the light in interesting ways. Halloween is as much about mood as it is about specific decorations. Using rhinestones allows one to decorate her home for the holiday without disrupting the aesthetic that is already in place.

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