Fun Things to Bling with Rhinestones

If you think you have maxed out the bling in your wardrobe, think again! Adding rhinestones to clothing, accessories and decorations never gets old, sometimes you just need a little creative inspiration. Looking for new ways to add rhinestones to your daily life?

Here are 10 great ideas.

1. Bling for Your Laptop

Who says work can’t be glamorous? Add some bling to your laptop with flat back rhinestones! Whether you are walking around campus or working the 9 to 5, you will be sure to get admiring looks.

2. Guitar or Camera Strap

This idea can go one of two ways! If you are a photographer, bring on the rhinestones! If you are a rocker babe, add bling to your guitar strap. Either way, the outcome is brilliant. Simply use Hot Fix Rhinestones and you are ready to shine.

3. Sneakers

Whether for yourself or your tot, adding rhinestones to sneakers can really put that extra glam pep in your step. Place rhinestones on the toes or anywhere you want, add some funky shoelaces and you are good to go!

4. Jewelry

There are so many different pieces of jewelry that benefit from some added bling – choose from large cuff bracelets (easy to adhere to), plain rings or make your very own statement necklace.

5. Gloves

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag, add rhinestone pendants easily with a stitch or two. Create a pattern and let your creativity do the rest.

6. Headband

Create a one of a kind piece by adding rhinestones to your boring old headbands. Give them a second life with shiny rhinestones here and there.

7. Lamp Shade

This unique idea is one that will illuminate your room – literally! Find an old thrift store lamp shade and add rhinestones around the outside. When it’s lit up it will look oh-so-glam!

8. Curtains

Looking for curtains but can’t find ones that seem to fit your place? Why not add your own bling? Stitch or glue rhinestones on for some extra pizazz.

9. Candle Holders

Blinging your own candle holders is a great way to save a ton! Choose your favorite colors and sizes and start adding those rhinestones.

10. Cell Phone Case

Have you seen those amazing cell phone cases with European crystals all over them? They really catch your eye! Create your own lower cost case by getting the bling and adding it yourself.

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