Decorative Rhinestone Candles For Your Home

European rhinestones add a dimension of glitz, fun, and appeal to every item they grace. Rooms of nearly any style benefit from the touch of glamour offered by these sparkling gems. A popular way to use European rhinestones is through decorative candles. The home decorator can dress up a bookshelf, ledge, or table centerpiece with blinged out candles in the right design.

Decorating candles with European rhinestones starts with choosing a color scheme. Like candles, rhinestones come in an array of shades. Therefore, it is easy to choose colors that complement one another. Most candles benefit from crystal or chrysolite rhinestones. However, lightly shaded candles may stand out more when darker colored rhinestones are chosen. Interesting color schemes are always a bonus. For a classic look, choose an ivory candle with fire opal rhinestones. For a modern look, select a brilliant yellow candle and bermuda blue stones. Even those who prefer a little less sparkle and shine can decorate candles with chalk white rhinestones. Look at existing decor and draw inspiration to tie the look together.

Next, decide how to decorate the candle. Simple placement of rhinestones in a dotted pattern is lovely, simple, and classic. Placing European rhinestones in a striped or chevron pattern is popular as well. Another option is to use the rhinestones to create an image. A monogrammed candle is an attractive choice that works with any decor. Other fashionable candle designs include a fleur-de-lis, crown, or cross. Many candle designers take their cues from nature. A tree or flower can be created with rhinestones of different shapes and colors. Some might prefer to forego a design and instead use rhinestones as a wrap for the base of the candle. The opportunities for gorgeous designs are endless.

Placing rhinestones on a candle is much simpler than it seems. Whether choosing a simple dotted pattern or a more intricate design, it is important to first make a plan. Using a felt-tip pen, designers should carefully draw their design onto the candle. This can be accomplished with the use of a template or can be done freehand. Remember: A light touch is important when drawing on the candle. If a mistake is made, it can simply be wiped away.

Once the design or pattern is ready, it is time to prepare the European rhinestones. Many first-time candle decorators make the mistake of attempting to place a glued rhinestone onto the candle. The easier choice is to place the glue on the candle first, and then affix the European rhinestone. To do this, simple squeeze a small amount of rhinestone glue onto a plate. Using a toothpick, place a small dot of glue onto a point made with the felt tip pen. Next, use rhinestone positioners or tweezers to pick up a rhinestone and place, flat side down, onto the candle. Remove the positioners once the rhinestone is in the appropriate location, make sure it is to your liking, and press with a thumb until the glue is set. This should take no more than a few seconds. Repeat this process until the pattern is complete.

A candle that has been decorated with European rhinestones should not be immediately burned. It is wise to wait until the glue is set to ensure that the rhinestones will stay in place. This usually takes about 24 hours. Also, the type of glue used is important. Crafty decorators may try to use the glue they have around their homes, but this is not always suitable. Super glue can cloud rhinestones, removing the charm that was sought. Standard white glue may not be durable. Hot glue is long lasting, but it hardens quickly, which means there is little room for error. Instead, it is wise to opt for rhinestone glue, which sets over time but gives the user ample space to make any needed changes.

The placement of the candle, once complete, is important to each room. Decorators need to decide whether the candles are a focal point or a part of a bigger decorating picture. Centerpieces can feature European rhinestone encrusted candles of varying sizes and multiple rhinestone patterns. A simple monogram can add elegance to any living space. Candles decorated with holiday themes can stand out from or add to festive decor. Decorative candles that use European rhinestones are simply brilliant anywhere.

Jason Pistiner

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