Blinging Your Bikini – How to Add Sparkle to Your Swimsuit

If you are looking for yet another way to add a bit of sparkle in to your wardrobe this summer, bikini blinging should be your next project! Whether you are looking to turn heads at the pool or are a figure and bikini competitor, adding rhinestones to your bikini is a fun and stylish twist on traditional suits. You have likely seen swimsuits for sale that are already embellished. They catch your eye and make you take a deep excited breath….and then you flip over the price tag…ouch! Another benefit to adding your own European crystal bling is that you can avoid the inflated costs and also customize your look exactly the way you like it!

Select the Type of Rhinestone for the Project

While there are many different rhinestones to choose from, if you want quality and ultimate sparkle, the easy choose is to go with European crystals. There are the finest, most luminescent sparkle you can get on a budget. The quality is fantastic and they will last you many seasons in the pool or on the competition stage.

Select the Right Size

Before you place your rhinestone order, you will want to consider what size crystals you would like. There are pros and cons to each. When looking at sizes online, you will come across the most popular sizes which are 20’s and 16’s. Anything under 16 (like a 12 for example) can be a bit tricky for those lacking a steady surgeon’s hand. If you like the larger rhinestone look, you may many to go with 30 or 34 and if you believe ‘bigger is always better,’ then get 42 or 28! Make your decision based on personal preference and ease of attachment.

Choosing the Correct Number of Stones

Now that you know the size you want, you have to figure out just how many you actually need to complete the project. This can be a bit tricky to get an exact number but several factors can help you figure out a general ballpark number. First of all, consider your budget. While European crystals are affordable, when bought in bulk the price can add up quickly. The other factor to keep in mind is just how blingy you want your suit to be. If you have seen a particular bikini online that has caught your attention, try and roughly match the amount of stones being used. You can generally get a rough estimate by looking at several photos of it. If you are lucky, some retailors actually will list the amount of rhinestones used in the suit’s description.

Tips for Selecting the Adhesive

Picking the right glue is one of the most important parts of this process. What good are rhinestones if they are falling off within days of using them to decorate your suit? Keep them where they belong with a specially designed type of glue, not just any crafting adhesive. One popular option for this is the hotfix product line. This includes an application wand and special glue that allows you to pick up a hotfix rhinestone, applies heat to it and then activates the glue on the back of the stone.

Choosing Your Design is the Fun Part

If you don’t immediately have a clear design in mind, don’t worry. Look for inspiration online. Check out what other people are doing in their personal blogs, Pinterest boards of even your favorite bikini catalogs. If this is your first time creating a bling design, you might want to choose a pattern that doesn’t need to be exactly symmetrical. Try opting for a slightly less rigged design and you will be happier with the outcome. If you would like, draw out a pattern on paper first and use it as your guide for proper rhinestone placement. Start on the outer edges and work your way in. The more you add, the more beautiful and sparkly your bikini will become!

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