5 Great DIY Spring Projects

The winter months are full of festive fun and family time but once the holidays are over, it’s full steam ahead towards spring! After months of ‘cabin fever,’ the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and you are ready to start those great DIY spring projects you have been eyeing up on Pinterest all winter. Have you been falling behind on your pinning? Not to worry, we have picked out 5 great do-it-yourself spring projects to get your started!

1. Rhinestone Easter Eggs

Nothing says spring time like Easter! Prepare for your egg hunt like never before with these DIY rhinestone eggs! Simply buy those plastic eggs and then get ready to put your creative cap on. Choose some pastel rhinestone colors and grab a glue gun (or even Elmer’s glue if you are working with the kids) and start creating your own sparkly egg. What’s great about this project is that you can create any design you would like. If you prefer a solid sparkly egg, go with it! Putting these together in a large ornamental basket looks great and is perfect for entertaining. If you want to be a bit more daring, try creating strips, spots or designs.

2. Create Glam Labels

Spring cleaning is here at last and organizing is on your mind. While there are those generic label making machines, we think that adding a little more personality to your organization is way more fun (and yet another way to incorporate rhinestones in to your life). We all fall victim to the mess of the ‘junk draw’ every now and again. Use poster board (or any other firm type of material of your choosing) to create labels. Once you have these cut to the size you would like, add glitter, pom-poms, rhinestones and anything else that makes you happy (and takes the tediousness out of organizing). You’ll be happy to head in to summer with all the clutter sorted and your custom glam labels beautifully decorated.

3. Glitzy Tank Tops

The weather is finally warming up and you’ve got summer sunshine on your mind! Now is the time to spice up your wardrobe in anticipation of those gorgeous sunny days ahead. Sort through your closet and find those favorite t-shirts and tanks that have become a bit lackluster and give them a much-needed makeover. There are so many different ways to add rhinestones to your tanks and tees – let your imagination run wild. Create sports fan paraphernalia, designs or even write your name with rhinestones. You can use HotFix stones which can easily adhere to clothing material or any type of rhinestone with a flat back can be attached with the help of a hot glue gun.

4. Rhinestone Vases

With all the wildflowers sprouting up, it’s time to bring that beauty inside with bouquets and flower clippings. You probably have several different vases laying around so why not get crafty and add some sparkle? Choose two or three bottles or vases of different sizes, colored rhinestones of your choice and a hot glue gun. This activity is quick, easy and very rewarding. Simply fasten the rhinestones on the vases and now you have a beautiful holder for your many spring and summer bouquets.

5. Personalized Outdoor Pillows

One of the best things about the warmer weather after a chilly winter is bringing out the outdoor furniture, hammocks and chairs. This year, choose a color scheme and buy several different pillows to match or compliment your cushions and furniture. This part of spring is fun on its own but wait until you start adding the rhinestones! You can buy many of these already made but you will be spending a fortune. Try a freehand design of rhinestones or lightly trace a pattern that you like on to the fabric, heat up the glue gun and start fastening them. This will be your new favorite hobby!

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