Why Are Swarovski Rhinestones a Fashionable Accessory

Swarovski Rhinestones are the latest craze in fashion jewelry. These jewels are universal. The majority of stores that sell fashion and upscale jewelry have products made with Swarovski Rhinestones. They can be used to accent your cell phone, sandals and even your hair accessories. If you have never heard of these rhinestones, you might think they are a new trend. Swarovski Rhinestones are far from being new to the fashion world. They first became popular in the 1930’s. In the 1930’s, sparkly jewels were symbols of elegance. In retrospect, Swarovski Rhinestones can be considered vintage jewelry items.

Several celebrities have been seen wearing Swarovski Rhinestones. Kate Middleton wore rhinestones in her wedding tiara. All celebrities want to look their best on the red carpet, though they can afford diamonds, they wear Swarovski Rhinestones to stand apart from the crowd. Swarovski Rhinestones are used as accent pieces on their designer gowns. These gems can become your best friend. If you are going to an elegant party, you can wear Swarovski Rhinestones on your shoes, dress and in your hair. For everyday wear, you can add Swarovski Rhinestones to your belt and sneakers.

You can transform your look anytime you want to look different by simply wearing these fashionable gems. They are cheaper than diamonds and flashier than plain crystals. Besides being worn for elegant occasions and everyday wear, these gems look great when they are worn in bright sunlight. You can add a few of these gems to your swimsuit to stand out from the crowd at the beach. Add a few gemstones to your toenails to make your pedicure sparkle.

Regardless of how you choose to wear your Swarovski Rhinestones, they will need to be properly cared for to maintain their sparkle. You should make sure you do not store your gems close together. You should clean them with alcohol. Never clean them with water. Water can damage the foil on the back of the gems.

You should hand-wash your rhinestone clothing. If you prefer to use your washing machine, you should wash your rhinestone clothing on the gentle cycle. You should dry your rhinestone clothing on a clothesline. Your dryer can melt the glue on your rhinestone. If the glue is melted, the rhinestones will fall off your clothing. When you properly care for your rhinestone clothing, you will maintain the look you want for a long time.


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