How To Create the Perfect Summer Dance Costume with Rhinestones

Summer is filled with sun, fun and of course dancing! Instead of buying a summer dance costume you can easily create one yourself with rhinestones. The following tips will help you make a summer dance costume that will make both you and your little dancer happy.

Decide On A Style

Before making a summer dance costume you need to decide what style you would like it to be. A good way to do this is to first determine what song the dancer will be dancing too. You can usually get an idea of what costume will be appropriate based on the type of song and the accompanying rhythm. Once you figure out what style it will be you need to coordinate matching rhinestones to highlight the style of the costume. For example, if it’s a spaghetti strapped costume you should plan to put rhinestones onto the straps to make them stand out more. Since it is summer time it’s best to choose a style for the costume that won’t be too hot while the dancer is on stage. Shorter sleeves and costumes that aren’t very long or made of heavy material are the most appropriate to wear at this time of year.

Figure Out The Details

The best part about make a dance costume is adding all of the intricate details. There are many different types of rhinestones available that can help you do this. If you want to add a lot of bling to a costume you can choose rhinestones that are very small. They may take a lot of time to attach to the costume, but the visual impact will be well worth it. If you just want to add a few details, you can use larger rhinestones. Just remember that if your little dancer is going to be on stage she should have a lot of rhinestones on her summer dance costume to allow her to standout from the other dancers. You should also make sure that the colors of the rhinestones are aesthetically appealing to the overall costume.

In conclusion, you can easily create the perfect summer dance costume. All you need to do is decide on the right style, figure out all the details and of course use lots of rhinestones. Even though it may take a little bit of time making the summer dance costume perfect, it will be well worth it in the end to have your dancer dressed in a spectacular outfit for her summer dance performance.

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