Facts About the Purest and Finest Swarovski Crystals

People do not have to wear diamond jewelry pieces to look elegant. They can opt for earrings, rings and necklaces with pendants that are made with Swarovski crystals. They are just as beautiful but only cost a fraction of the price of diamonds. Considered as the finest in the world, Swarovski crystals are completely flawless and are manufactured using a precision-cut method for polishing. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. Aside from jewelry pieces, there are Swarovski crystals that come in the form of figurines used in decorating homes. Others are used as components, which are sewn or glued to embellish clothes, hats, bags and shoes.

Origin of Swarovski Crystals

The origin of Swarovski crystals can be traced back to the year 1892, when Daniel Swarovski of Bohemian descent, invented an electric crystal cutting machine. He founded a company in Wattens, Austria in 1895, wherein he made use of local hydroelectricity for his patented grinding processes. With the help of his three sons, he discovered and perfected a formula to make high quality crystals. Since then, it has been the tradition of the Swarovski family to continue making the world’s most renowned crystals. The quality of Swarovski crystals rely on the raw material processing and production method. These factors determine their brilliance and value.

How Swarovski Crystals Are Made

Swarovski crystals are fired by using the mixture of quartz sand and natural minerals. Then, these crystals are slowly cooled down to prevent imperfections or inclusions. They are brilliant because they were cut in such a way, to let light refract in a spectrum of a rainbow. This spectral brilliance gives their distinct silver color, which makes them look like authentic precious metal. To style the faceted lead glass, which is known worldwide for its brilliance, only the finest quality materials have been used. Other contributory factors that give Swarovski crystals an edge over other glass works are their production, cutting, polish and materials.

Ways That Swarovski Crystals Are Used

There is a variety of ways that Swarovski crystals are used. They are popularly known to be utilized in jewelry making. They are usually combined with semi-precious gem stones in making bracelets and necklaces. They are used with gold or silver plated metals to make earrings, rings, watches and brooches. They can, also, add beauty to charms for cell phones and bags. For people who have classy taste, they use Swarovski figurines as decorative pieces.

How to Care for Swarovski Jewelry

Since Swarovski jewelry is considered to be of high quality, it should be cared for like other fine jewelry. Therefore, wearers should be careful not to wet it or expose it to sweat and chemicals. This should not be worn when swimming or engaging in sports. They should avoid wearing this when working in a harsh environment. They should, also, prevent it from coming into contact with makeup and lotions. Swarovski jewelry pieces can be cleaned and buffed using water, a mild soap and soft cloth. It would be safer when placed in their original box. If this is no longer available, a soft cloth or a tissue will do, to keep them from scratches and loss of crystals.


Swarovski is the brand of crystals that is synonymous with high quality. It is known for its exceptional brilliance, given by its several facets that let light refract from every angle. It is available in a range of sizes, colors and shapes. It is used with a combination of other materials to make different pieces of jewelry. In addition to this, it can be used to decorate home in the form of figurines.

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