Creative DIY Rhinestone Projects

Rhinestone DIY Projects

Swarovski rhinestones can add sparkle to practically anything from necklaces and hair barrettes to clothing and household accessories. From jewelry to denim to manicures and more, here are five ways to add shine to your life with rhinestones.

Make a rhinestone bracelet

Bracelets are great for any occasion and can be worn with almost anything. Using a strand of Swarovski rhinestones, you can simply weave together the strand of rhinestones and chain to create any type of look you want from classically elegant to a hip mixed metal look. This is great for those day-to-night looks that need a little extra bling when you’re heading out the office door.

Add shine to those plain shoes

Everyone has a pair of basic flats, but don’t they look a little boring? Well, hot fix rhinestones take all the mess out of applying rhinestones to items like this. If you want to spice up those little black flats, the hot fix rhinestones come with adhesive already on the flat back of the gem. You can explore different rhinestone accessories and find the perfect hot fix tool for you. Once your hot fix rhinestone tool heats up the adhesive, you simply place the rhinestones wherever you like, and you instantly have sparkly new shoes!

Get 10 times the sparkle

Adding loose rhinestones to your latest manicure can really turn some heads. If you want some sparkle that will truly make you stand out, adding rhinestones to your nail art on one, two, or all ten nails is the perfect way to do it. With some smaller gems, you can create designs on your nails, just add a little accent, or skip the polish altogether and go with a completely Swarovski nail! This is perfect for those who really want a unique and completely customizable look.

Add some jazz to those jeans

Jeans are a great staple in any wardrobe, but they can get a little drab. Add a little something new to your favorite jeans with some hot fix rhinestones that won’t budge in the wash. Stick them on the back pockets, front pockets, or anywhere else you think needs a little spicing up, and you’ll instantly create a great new look without spending hundreds of dollars on designer denim.

Where’d you get those peepers?

If you’re like me, you’re constantly looking for great new sunglasses. If you don’t want to spend the money on a brand new pair, why not add a bit of glam to a pair you already have? Create a vintage cat eye look with some subtle sparkle at the corners of the rims, or go all out and add sparkle everywhere for a completely new look! Loose rhinestones are great for projects like this and allow you more freedom in your DIY adventures.

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