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  1. 1 box 5g. SWAROVSKI PIXIE DELUXE RUSH[lt. co. topaz/jet]

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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 24 May, 2016.
    Swarovski Crystal Pixie is the latest product from Swarovski designed specifically for nail art. Packaged in a clear acrylic bottle, the 5 grams of pixie is ready to be poured on a nail to give you the sparkle that only genuine Swarovski crystal can provide. Also included is a small funnel for easy refilling and 30 Swarovski flat back stones for additional embellishment options. Step-by-Step Application: -Apply two base layers of nail polish -Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie over the wet nail polish -Pixie will sink into the moist nail polish -Gently press and compact the Pixie into the nail bed -Scrape off the exceeding Pixie from the nail rim with the finger to obtain clean edges -Let polish dry – Pixie will stick onto the nail polish -Apply top coat to the edges of the Crystal Pixie decoration
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