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Special Coated HF & Rimmed Stone

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Wholesale Swarovski

A hot fix rhinestone pattern is super easy to apply to a fabric. After you've printed your pattern and affixed the stones on the transfer paper, all that's left is to apply the stones to the fabric. If you perform each step carefully, there should be no problem attaching the hotfix rhinestone pattern to your article of clothing. Being careful is the most important quality; there's no need to be in a hurry, and being hasty breeds mistakes when doing a hotfix rhinestone transfer. Make sure you have all your materials in proximity and that your iron is turned on and up to the temperature. Make sure your work surface is hard and flat. Remove the white backing and check to see the integrity of the positions of each rhinestone. You'll be surprised at how just moving it to another table can rattle one rhinestone. Place the transfer paper with the hotfix side against the fabric exactly where you want it. If it is off a little, pick the paper up and re-position it. If you slide it into place, you might move a rhinestone out of place. Place a cloth over the transfer; this insures that the fabric underneath will not be damaged. Make sure your iron is set to the cotton setting and that there is NO WATER in your iron. Setting most irons on the non-steam setting just isn't enough; occasionally some water seeps through and that affects the transfer. Hold the iron down on each section of the pattern for just under a minute and don’t move the iron. Pick the iron up and repeat on another section. If you move the iron, it may move a rhinestone out of position. After you have done this for the entire pattern, repeat the whole process. Remove the cloth and turn the article inside out and press the iron on the pattern once for about half a minute. Let the fabric cool for about twenty minutes before moving it around. This resting period is important as it allows the glue of the hotfix rhinestone to set. Turn the fabric right side out and remove the transfer paper. If any of the stones are loose, repeat the ironing procedure. Let it cool again. It's truly that easy. You should have lots of fun creating new and interesting wholesale pieces of swarovski for your clothes and your friends. "

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