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Using a hotfix applicator wand

By Jason Pistiner

You've got all the European rhinestone things in place and now it's time for the magic wand, the glue applicators rhinestone wand. Here are some tips for those who have never used a hotfix wand for their rhinestone accessories. 1.The tip of the wand is really hot, so be very careful. People tend to forget that the tip of the wand is something to be wary of, probably because it's small. As a general rule, keep everything that's metal on the wand away from anything that's inflammable. Don't get burned a few times before you start remembering. Making things with rhinestones is supposed to be fun, after all. 2.Plug the hotfix applicator in and let it heat up. The hotfix glue applicator works at a particular temperature. If it's not at that temperature, the hotfix applicator won't work on the European rhinestone. Make sure you let the hotfix applicator heat up. 3.Keep a bowl of ice and water close by. In any project, safety comes first. If you don't want to keep a bowl of ice nearby, at least know what you're going to do if you burn yourself. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life you'll remember how hot the tip was. 4.Keep a safe surface for you to put your hotfix applicator. Some people keep their hotfix applicator on a plate but a board is preferred that has been reserved for the purpose. A large board is better than a plate because it's more spacious than a plate. 5.Practice mise en place This is a chef's term that can be applied here. It means that everything is in place. Have everything you intend to use handy. When you've got a hotfix applicator going, you don't want to stop and look for the right rhinestone. Don’t go anywhere, get rhinestone wand for your rhinestone accessories. To know more and buy glue applicators, rhinestone wand and rhinestone accessories, please continue to browse through products on the left hand side or call us 602-795-7855.

This article was published on Wednesday 07 January, 2015.
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