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Rhinestoneshop Reveals Hollywood's Most Glamorous Reliance on Rh

By Jason Pistiner

Hollywood relies on the glitz and glamour of costumes and attire displayed in their movies and on their actors. When designing costumes Hollywood has displayed the emphasis on more than just the right fabric, it’s about the little dazzles that make an outfit shine.

Phoenix, AZ – August 18, 2011 –, a top online retailer of rhinestones and rhinestone accessories, discuss how much Hollywood relies on European rhinestones to bring some of their favorite characters'’ costumes to life on the big screen.

European rhinestones and rhinestone designs were recently used in major blockbuster movies such as Thor and the Black Swan. "European crystal rhinestones let you add glitz, glamour and pizzazz…Celebrities and designers are using European rhinestones to stand out from the crowd." In the movie Thor, starring Natalie Portman, Academy award winning costume designer, Alexandra Byrne, took on the task of creating the look of the gods. She used European rhinestones to finish some of the more memorable designs such as Frigga's, played by Rene Russo, ceremonial dress and cape as well as Loki's chainmail armor. Over 45,000 rhinestones were used to add the requisite sparkle to these costumes.

In the suspense thriller, Black Swan, European donated nearly 250,000 rhinestones for the ballet costumes, to add drama to the dark, romantic aesthetics of the pivotal ballet scenes. Extensive rhinestones were used on the White Swan and Black Swan costumes as well as the gossamer white gown worn by Natalie Portman's character.

And seemingly the rhinestones aren't just for the costumes. Set designers and event planners are using these gems to add radiance to the stage. The sparkling curtain used during the 2009 Academy Awards was a three-ton 60 feet tall custom designed curtain that utilized over 100,00 European crystals flown all the way for Austria.

At the 2011 Academy Awards, European crystals enhanced not only the set but the atmosphere of the whole ceremony. Illuminating crystals were incorporated into the circular stage pieces where winners accepted their awards, creating a shining path accenting the steps leading up to the stage. In total, the room glittered with over 55,000 European crystals. Take a step out of the ordinary with European rhinestones and feel the elegance and allure of Hollywood.


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This article was published on Wednesday 07 January, 2015.
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