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Fun Summer Rhinestone Projects for the Whole Family

By Jason Pistiner

With the summer here and record-breaking heat sweeping across the country, staying indoors is the only option for many. But with the children out of school, it's important to have some fun indoor activities on tap to keep them busy. Beat the heat indoors while getting the whole family involved with creative rhinestone projects. With European rhinestones and a little imagination, there are a myriad of fun and creative projects your whole family will love.

Custom T’s with Rhinestones

Planning for an upcoming family get-away? Playing on a summer league family softball team? Whatever the upcoming occasion, grab some blank t-shirts and get the family together to create custom designed t-shirts with rhinestones. Invite a bunch of your children’s friends over and let them each design and create their own shirts or articles of clothing. When blinging out t-shirts and other fabric items, hotfix rhinestones are the easiest to work with but require a hot applicator wand. Normal flatback rhinestones will work as well if you don’t want to buy multiple wands for everyone to work on their project at the same time. Just make sure to pick up some rhinestone glue prior to starting this activity.

Applying a uniform family or team design is a great way to stand out in a crowd, while keeping the group together. Maybe it’s the family’s last name or a funny saying written out in a colorful array of European rhinestones—this activity is a great way to spark those creative minds into action and look great when you’re all out together.

Summertime Rhinestone Bling

Another fun project for the summer is to design hats to help protect you and your family from those harmful UV rays. Not everyone is a fan of wearing hats, but this all important summertime accessory becomes much more appealing to the little ones when they make it their own with unique rhinestone designs.

At the same time, why not bling out some flip-flops to complete your summer ensemble. You’ll want to use flatback rhinestones when doing flip-flops, as hotfix rhinestones won’t stick. The most popular flip-flops to be blinged out are Havaianas. However, any brand of flip-flops will work. To make sure you get the right rhinestone accessories and glue for your type of flip-flops, contact a representative of your favorite rhinestone shop for advice.

Lastly, why not create some rhinestone jewelry for you and the kids. Adding the brilliance of European rhinestones can take a plain piece of silver jewelry and make it a stunning show-piece. This summer, let your imagination soar with genuine European rhinestones and endless possibilities for expressing that fun, creative side.

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This article was published on Wednesday 07 January, 2015.
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