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Wholesale Rhinestones & Swarovski Crystals

Wholesale rhinestones provide big savings, and in this economy, everyone is looking for a deal.  At the Rhinestone Shop wholesale Swarovski rhinestones are available to anyone wanting to purchase a factory pack.  Since we don’t have to count the little sparkly buggers- you get to keep more of your sparkly coin!  That means big savings!  Buying rhinestones wholesale allows you to create in a big way.  If you want to make a huge statement then hundreds or thousands of rhinestones are what you need and wholesale Swarovski crystals are the most economical way to go.  The best sale you can get is by buying rhinestones wholesale.  The Rhinestone Shop is proud to consistently offer the best pricing and service but we also provide the everyday person the opportunity to buy wholesale Swarovski rhinestones.  If you’re looking for wholesale rhinestone jewelry, we’ve got that too!  From rhinestone buckles, slides, pendants, pointed backs, we have a fabulous selection of designer inspired wholesale rhinestone jewelry.  If you’re a designer then buying wholesale rhinestones are a great way to improve your profit.  Whether you’re creating your work of art to sell on Ebay, Etsy, boutiques or department stores, buying wholesale rhinestones is best for your bottom line.  Buy wholesale Swarovski crystals and save money so you can keep your prices competitive.  It’s a win win situation.  Whether you are making dance or ice skating costumes or covering an automobile or computer lavishly, buying rhinestones wholesale will save you mega bucks.  Think of Costco and Sam’s Club… you buy in bulk and you save save save!

Membership is free here though.  I’d love to keep it my little secret but I’m terrible at keeping secrets.  So I’m yelling from the rooftops, “Wholesale Swarovski rhinestones, come and get it!” 

Oh and in case your wondering what exactly is a factory pack… I’ve provided a cheat sheet for you here. 
Size 5ss, 7ss, 9ss, 12ss, 16ss and 20ss = 10 gross packs (1440 pieces)
Size 30ss= 2.5 gross packs (360 pieces)
Size 34ss and 40ss = 1 gross packs (144 pieces)
Size 48ss = 0.5 gross packs (72 pieces)

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