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Vintage Rhinestones, Brooches & Accessories

Have you ever wondered what made movie starlets of the past look so glamorous and classy? The answer is simple. They wore vintage rhinestones. From the use of vintage rhinestone buttons, a vintage rhinestone pin, or a vintage rhinestone brooch, these accessories added a little flash and pizzazz to their classy outfits.

In an attempt to relive the star-studded days of yesteryear, Swarovski has released some vintage rhinestone colors. Some of these vintage rhinestones are, vintage rose, vintage rose ab, and vintage cathedral. Some of these vintage rhinestones are, vintage rose, vintage rose ab, and vintage cathedral.

In examining a standard Swarovski color rhinestone next to a vintage rhinestone, you will see that the vintage rhinestones tend to be a little darker. A big benefit to finding a Swarovski color that comes standard, in ab effect, and in vintage, is that combining all of the colors together makes for a stunning project.

For example, try making a vintage rhinestone pin, a vintage rhinestone brooch, or vintage rhinestone buttons utilizing rose, rose ab, light rose, vintage rose and vintage rose ab. All the different subtleties of pink form a beautiful color palette.

Proper color selection out of the myriad of colors available from Swarovski is one of the most important aspects of making your project a success. You of course first start off with an inspirational idea utilizing vintage rhinestones in your mind. Then, you need to transfer that idea into an actual design for a vintage rhinestone pin, vintage rhinestone brooch or vintage rhinestone buttons.

Once you have your design worked out, browse our huge selection of genuine Swarovski rhinestones to pick out the vintage rhinestone colors that complete your one-of-a-kind design.

Make sure you have all the other accessories you need, such as a rhinestone perfect positioner, a rhinestone hot applicator wand/tool, or glue. Your order will generally ship the same day and you’ll be ready to create your unique work of art in a matter.

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