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Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Shapes

Rhinestone shapes open up a whole new realm of possibility to express yourself.  

Instead of utilizing the traditional round shaped rhinestones, use new Swarovski crystal shapes to create a unique design no one has ever seen before.

New Swarovski rhinestone shapes include cosmic delta, square, rhombus, triangle, flower, star, pear, chessboard and diamond leaf to name a few. If you have thought of a shape, Swarovski probably produces it, or will be in the near future.  

Rhinestone shapes come in both flatback or hotfix. Flatback means you need to use an aftermarket glue to apply the Swarovski rhinestone shape to your item. Hotfix means that there is already glue in a solid form on the back of your shaped rhinestones, and you need to apply heat either via an iron or a hotfix rhinestone wand tool to activate the glue. You can get custom tips for your hotfix rhinestone wand that will allow it to pick up and apply those new shaped rhinestones you just purchased.

Here at Rhinestoneshop.com, we are always getting the latest rhinestone shapes, sizes and colors to make sure that you are always on the cutting edge in making your designs. If there is a Swarovski rhinestone shape that you want that you don’t see on our website, give us a call as we can always special order it for you.  We are devoted to being your one stop shop for all your rhinestone projects.

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