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Custom Swarvoski Rhinestone Designs

Rhinestone designs let you create original, custom work to be applied uniformly to multiple items.

To start your Swarovski crystal design project, you will first want to create a pattern by drawing it freehand or by using a drawing program such as CorelDraw on your computer.

Once you have finished drawing your rhinestone design, you will then want to print your pattern and tape it to a piece of cardboard. Then cut a piece of mylar hotfix transfer paper slightly larger than the rhinestone design you have created. You can find mylar hotfix transfer paper here at rhinestoneshop.com under the rhinestone accessories category.

Peel the white backing off of the mylar hotfix transfer paper and save it for later. Tape the mylar transfer paper sticky side up over your rhinestone designs.

Next, break out your rhinestone perfect positioner, also available thru rhinestoneshop.com, and place your Swarovski rhinestones face down, over your rhinestone design. Make sure the back of the stones are facing you.

Peel the tape off the mylar hotfix transfer paper and re-apply the white backing that you previously peeled off.

Presto! Your Swarovski crystal design is complete! Inspect your iron on rhinestone designs to make sure all the rhinestones are in their proper place. If everything is in place, you are ready to apply your rhinestone designs to shirts, hats, pants etc.

Next, prepare on a hard, flat surface. Peel the white backing off your rhinestone designs and ensure the rhinestones have not shifted. If any shifting has occurred, use your rhinestone perfect positioner to reposition the stones.

Place the sticky side of the transfer paper down onto your garment. If you need to re-adjust, pick up your rhinestone design completely and place it down again. Do NOT slide your rhinestone designs back and forth into place.

Place a cotton cloth over your Swarovski crystal design to protect the garment. Set your iron on cotton settings. Do not use steam.

Place the iron down for 45 seconds. No NOT move the iron back and forth. Lift the iron and place it down on the next section of your rhinestone design. Do this 2 times per section.

Turn your garment inside out and apply heat to each section for 30 seconds. Allow cooling for 20 minutes.

Lastly, gently peel the transfer paper from your garment. Run your fingernails across the stones to ensure they stay put. If any are loose, repeat the steps involving applying the iron. Print out and apply your rhinestone designs to make dozens of identical garments for your favorite teams, clubs and parties! Nothing will hold you back except your imagination.

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