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Loose Swarvoski Rhinestone Crystals  

If you fantasize about a pot of loose rhinestones then you may be a leprechaun OR you may be an ingenious creator who dreams in vibrant color. It’s more likely you’re the latter, but if you are a leprechaun let me add that The Rhinestone Shop carries a vast variety of loose Swarovski crystals in numerous shades of green. Lucky you!

Using loose Swarovski crystals allows you the freedom to create your own designs and patterns. Personalize your own creations with loose Swarovski crystals. Let your imagination run wild. From one loose rhinestone to hundreds of loose rhinestones, you decide how grandiose of an impact you want to make.

Looking for a bargain? Then buying loose rhinestones wholesale are what you want. Loose rhinestones wholesale are sold in factory packs so we don’t have to count them. You get to steal them at rock bottom prices. Unbelievable, but true! We love it when our customers share their creations they have produced with loose rhinestones. Buying the loose rhinestones wholesale allows the creator the ultimate discount. You can stock up on an endless supply of color variations, sizes and shapes.

 Your pooch or kitty cat would feel so loved and cared for if you made him or her their own special jewelry. Using loose rhinestones and rim or tiffany settings, you can make your pet’s collar or garment the talk of the town. Your furry friend will be the hippest on the block or around the fire hydrant.

I’m serious… people are blinging out anything and everything from crystallized laptops to rhinestoned grand pianos. You can bling your cell phones, ipods, license plates, or even your finger nails. Bring something sentimental to your new creations by mixing in your grandmother’s vintage loose rhinestones. Some have rhinestoned their auto decals and even their motorcycles. The options are endless and the outcomes are spectacular! The possibilities begin with one loose rhinestone and end where your imagination takes you to the Rhinestoneshop.com.

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