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Flatback Rhinestones

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Wholesale Flatback Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals

Flatback rhinestones are the basic building blocks of bling, sparkle, twinkle and shine. Get hypnotized by the glamour- we call it eye candy! At the Rhinestone Shop, we pride ourselves on having the most expansive/vast selection of Swarovski flatback rhinestones in a rainbow of colors, an overabundance of sizes and a plethora of shapes. In other words, we are here to be your one stop shopping for flatback Swarovski crystals.  We currently carry over xxx colors, xxx shapes and xxx different sizes of flat back rhinestones and continue to add more all the time! Our little elves are constantly working through the night to keep up on the latest from Swarovski headquarters in Austria and provide fast efficient delivery to all our valued customers- whether naughty or nice!

Flatback rhinestones can be adhered to surfaces by glue or with metal settings. Glues include E6000, Dazzle-Tac, Ultimate Glue, Jewel bond, Glass Metal and More, G-S Hypo Cement, Flip Flop Glue, and Gem-Tac.  The Rhinestone Shop also offers rim and tiffany settings for flat back Swarovski crystals. Rim settings are like little metal claws that clamp down around the stone, either from the front or the back, to hold the flat back rhinestones onto the surface.

Flatback Swarovski crystals are used on jeans, flip flops, sneakers, hats, t-shirts, jewelry, headbands, belts, jewelry, dance and ice skating costumes, cell phones, ipods, and license plates- to name a few!
Are you a dog lover? Use rim or tiffany settings to attach flatback rhinestones to bling a dog collar or make your pooch a designer outfit. Canine harnesses and vests look great with flat back Swarovski crystals on them!  Your pooch will prance around with confidence in his/her high end fashion.  You could even use Swarovski flatback rhinestones for your feline’s attire, your cat will love it! And if you have any other furry pets you could add a little sparkle to their life too. 



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